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What We Offer


My name Is Tammy Robertson,
​(Owner and Groomer) I have completed nationally acclaimed grooming seminar courses and have attended dog training and clicker training workshops. It is my personal goal to provide for you and your pet the best grooming experience.

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Boarding and Daycare

We believe that leaving your pet when you travel should not be a stressful time for either of you. So relax, and enjoy your time away while your pet is having a vacation of its own!  

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Skin Therapy

Studio 25 is the leading skin and coat wellness center in the Tri-State area.

Our new top of the line skin therapy sessions will repair some of the most severe cases of skin problems within six weeks.

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About Our Shop

We at Studio 25 Pet Salon and Spa consider the care of your best friend our priority. We are a  full-service grooming, boarding and daycare facility  and have serviced  tri-state pets for many years, building a high reputation for excellent pet care and service. We provide your pet with a uniquely enjoyable SPA experience, our Hydro surge Luxury Bath that combines the therapeutic concepts of whirlpool baths and hydrotherapy. Total Fluff Drying enhances pet circulation, removes old undercoat and leaves their coat healthy and soft  No matter what size, shape, or breed, we believe your dog or cat deserves the best. 

​Your new puppy or kitten can learn that grooming can be an enjoyable way to receive attention. Periodic visits with us allow your little one to become familiar with the sounds and smells of our grooming SPA. We make this a fun time filled with lots of praise and treats, helping your puppy or kitten associate grooming with a positive experience.

If you truly love your pet (and we know you do!) you'll be quick to understand the differences that make Studio 25 Pet Salon such a doggone special place. To see for yourself, please drop by, or give us a call anytime!